About Chromebook Studio

Chromebook Studio is not in any way affiliated with Google

Hi, my name is Michael Perrigo

Known as “Google Mike” to his customers, Michael worked at Best Buy as a Chromebook Expert (and as a writer for Chrome Unboxed) who dedicated his time to understanding the user experience from a regular Chromebook owner’s perspective. Having spent nearly 20 years meeting you face-to-face, he strives to help you understand your technology through carefully crafted guides and coverage, relentlessly seeking out the spark in what’s new and exciting about ChromeOS.

Why I'm starting Chromebook Studio

Most Chromebook-focused blogs tell you which device to buy, review its various specifications, or teach you how to install apps and games you may want to enjoy once you’re feeling at home after getting your new laptop home from the store. Unfortunately, almost no one teaches you how to enjoy it after it’s set up, how to create and manage your Chromebook in a way that resonates with you, or has ongoing content and tutorials for specific apps and web apps.

The way I see it, these are the things that really matter, and if Chromebooks are going to become even more mainstream than they have over the past few years, someone’s got to do it. That’s why I decided that it should be me! Hi, my name is Michael Perrigo, and I started my Chromebook journey in 2016, and went on to be a “Google Expert” and “Chromebook Specialist” in Best Buy stores in the United States. I’ve dedicated years to sitting people just like you down and teaching them not only how to set up their Chromebooks, but how to troubleshoot them and going a step even further, how to get the most out of them.

In an effort to do exactly that through an online platform, I joined Chrome Unboxed and wrote more than 2,500 articles on Google products and services, Chromebooks, ChromeOS, apps, games, and more. However, after leaving my position as their primary staff writer after more than three years, I felt something was missing. 

Here's what my customers say about me

Chromebooks should be fun

Because my day job required me to chase clicks in order to feed my family, my content quickly became news about minor ChromeOS updates, trying to speak excitedly about point five seconds of additional page speed in Chrome, and other dry topics. I was no longer able to spend my time geeking out about Chromebooks, web apps, games, and the like and because that’s what got me excited about Chromebooks to begin with, I felt a bit dead inside. Actually, I think my soul left my body for a while there, because, well, that’s never been me. I’m not the type to wear a suit and tie or present content in a way that’s overly stuffy, and I refuse to do so ever again. In fact, this site will remain a hobbyist and self-paced endeavor so I don’t burn out like I did before.

Chromebook Studio is my way of getting back to basics, and finding the spark – the joy in Chromebooks, web apps, and mobile gaming again. The Studio is meant to be a one-stop shop for you to find all of the best experiences for your Chromebook, and I’m keeping it up-to-date. There will be no news here, sorry. Instead, you’ll only see content that can stand the test of time, and it will be presented in a fun way.

Every article will hopefully be accompanied by a step-by-step video guide where I talk directly to you as if you were in the store buying your Chromebook or getting help with white glove service. I’ll bring my Google Expert customer service to the table and help you feel at home with your new laptop. If you’ve had your Chromebook for years, you’ll find new and exciting reasons to love it again. Because I spend every waking hour learning and growing in my knowledge and understanding of these devices, web experiences (which I believe to be the future), and am a game developer and love games at my core, I hope that you’ll find something here that you won’t find on any of the other outlets dedicated to covering Google’s laptop operating system.

Chromebooks are for Everyone!

Everyone assumes that Chromebooks are for simple people, but you’re not simple – you’re brilliant. You’re likely a businessman or woman, an artist, a writer working on the next great American novel, a a game developer, a tinkerer, someone who loves gaming late into the night, a student, a parent – heck, you’re likely many of these things all at once! In fact, I am too, and that’s why I want to share those parts of me with you.

Because I spent so much time with you in stores, I can tell you right now that these are your various “Personas”. You may switch into one mode or another at any given time, but all of these personas make up who you are as a computer user. Want to know which game engines work on Chromebooks? Trying to create a tri-fold pamphlet with web-based creation tools? Interested in geeking out about Linux on ChromeOS? Are you wondering which games work best on your Chromebook with controller support? Have a child and want to set up their laptop with parental controls? Do you like sketching and painting? All of these and more are reasons I’m glad you’re here. Chromebooks are for everyone, and everyone is multi-faceted, so there’s no reason why, after a decade, everyone is still doing the basics. 

Everyone knows what Chromebooks are now, and they’re eager to learn how to enjoy them – you’re eager. So, join me – “Google Mike”, as my customers always called me, as I share my passion for that little laptop you’re reading this on. Let’s discover what it’s capable of together, because if we’re honest, most people are simply content to bash Chromebooks for what they can’t do without ever even trying to see if that thing is possible. Are you ready to have some fun in your new Chromebook Studio? Let’s go!